Pennsylvania Spotlight Will Shine A Light On Extremism & Deep-Pocketed Special Interests Acting Against Pennsylvania’s Best Interests

(Harrisburg, PA) –  Today, Pennsylvania Spotlight – a recently-launched independent 501(c)(4) social welfare organization – announced Eric Rosso as it’s Executive Director. Rosso will be leading efforts throughout the state to monitor and expose policy positions and actions of extremist groups and individuals harming Pennsylvania.

“The toxic web of self-interested, big money donors – and the people and organizations they’ve bought and funded – do not represent the values I’ve seen throughout Pennsylvania,” said Rosso. “The Keystone State I know has an inclusive vision dedicated to lifting people out of poverty, supporting our LGBTQ sisters and brothers, protecting our environment and supporting workers. I love this state, and I’m excited to help Pennsylvania Spotlight hold these networks, groups and individuals to account.”

“With Pennsylvania’s working families under attack like never before, we’re really excited to have Eric Rosso on board – leading the charge and shining a light on extremists acting against the state’s best interests,” said Joshua Henne, Pennslvania Spotlight spokesman. “Eric’s insight and experience will be invaluable in holding individuals and groups responsible for their regressive actions against women’s health, LGBT rights, voting rights, workers’ rights, the environment, financial equality and education.”

Rosso has an extensive background working for progressive organizations dedicated to economic, social and racial justice. Most recently, Rosso served as a Political Organizer with the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) – working in multiple states during the Presidential primaries, including Pennsylvania. Previously, Rosso served as the Deputy State Director for Pennsylvania Working Families. Rosso also worked for Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and served as Ohio Field Director in 2012, overseeing the largest independent political program in the state.

Pennsylvania’s middle-class and working families are being besieged by a well-orchestrated, well-funded effort by self-interested, extremist groups and individuals.  So, whenever someone is acting against the best interests of middle-class and working families, Pennsylvania Spotlight will be there – shining a light, responding and holding them to account. Pennsylvanians must stand united in moving the state forward and stand up against those who stand in the way of progress and equality.