Will Shine A Light On Extremism & Deep-Pocketed Special Interests Acting Against Pennsylvania’s Best Interests

(PENNSYLVANIA) – With Pennsylvania’s middle-class and working families under attack from a well-orchestrated, well-funded effort by self-interested groups and individuals, Pennsylvania Spotlight today launched its website at www.PASpotlight.org.  Pennsylvania Spotlight will shine a light on those who act against the best interests of the Keystone State and who seek to divide people for their own personal and economic gain.

“Pennsylvania families are under attack like never before by extreme organizations, bankrolled by equally extreme billionaires and corporate interests,” said Joshua Henne, spokesman for Pennsylvania Spotlight. “Often, they mask their true intentions under the guise of calling themselves ‘free-market think tanks’ or ‘small government champions.’ Now more than ever, we must stand united in moving Pennsylvania forward and against those who stand in the way of progress and equality.”

Pennsylvania Spotlight will closely monitor and expose extremist policy positions and actions of shadowy groups, individuals and elected officials. This independent 501(c)(4) social welfare organization stands ready to fight back against those seeking to take Pennsylvania down the road to ruin. Pennsylvania Spotlight will hold these individuals and groups accountable for their regressive actions against women’s health, LGBT rights, voting rights, workers’ rights, the environment, financial equality and education.

“Whenever we see someone acting against the best interests of middle-class and working families, we’ll be there – shining a light, responding and holding them to account,” added Henne. “A bright future for Pennsylvania won’t be realized by keeping wages low or cutting off resources to our neighborhood schools. It won’t be realized by bashing unions, suppressing the vote or handing out billions in tax breaks to big business.”

Through this new grassroots website, Pennsylvania Spotlight will engage the public in a conversation about the real-life impacts of bad policies and ideas.  The website will be a communications and organizational hub. Visitors are encouraged to share their thoughts, ideas and concerns whenever they see individuals or organizations acting against the public’s best interests.

You can follow Pennsylvania Spotlight on Twitter (@PA_Spotlight) or on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/Pennsylvania Spotlight.