“After pulling so many strings in the Senate this past year, Scott Wagner seemingly had his pick as to which committee he could head. So his ascension to Chair of the Senate Local Government Committee raises some serious concerns.

“Everything Scott Wagner does – be it in business or politics – is all about what helps Scott Wagner get ahead. We agree with Wagner that our local governments are an integral part of our Commonwealth. But it is also worth noting that Wagner’s business is built on contracts from these very local governments. He is the owner and operator of a waste management company called Penn Waste which operates in over 60 townships and municipalities all across the state. That’s precisely why we’re concerned that Wagner cannot possibly be impartial as to which bills get considered by this committee. After all, local governments throughout Pennsylvania constitute his firm’s current – and potentially future – clients.

“We sincerely hope that Senator Wagner is not seeking to use this new power perch to further his business ventures. As such, we at PA Spotlight are calling on Senator Wagner for complete transparency in all his dealings on this important committee, and we’ll be watching to make sure his actions as Chair are all above-board. “We call on all supporters of ethics and good government to monitor the actions of this committee and call out corruption and abuses of power should they occur.”