Matt Brouillette Denies Koch Brother Funding

Apr 23, 2018 | Featured, Stories

“The Koch Brothers don’t fund me.”

Koch Brothers talking head Matt Brouillette went on This Week in Pennsylvania to discuss the Janus v. AFSCME case. In addition to spewing his usual anti-worker talking points, Brouillette used the opportunity to outright lie about the funding of the Commonwealth Foundation.

When asked if his group was funded by the Koch Brothers, Brouillette answered with a resounding ‘no’. He doubled down on the lie when asked if the Commonwealth Foundation received funding from a group funded by the Kochs. This has been well documented; the State Policy Network – the national group the Commonwealth Foundation is a part of – is funded by the Koch Brothers and other anti-union billionaires.

Watch for yourself in the clip below:

Unfortunately for Brouillette, we have receipts. The entire network of organizations Matt Brouillette is connected to has deep ties to both the Koch Brothers and the Scaife Foundation.

Blatant lies like this cannot go unchecked. As long as Matt Bouillette and his partners at the Commonwealth Foundation continue to deceive the public about their ties to their billionaire, out-of-state funders and their mission to harm Pennsylvania workers, we’ll continue to hold them accountable.

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