In a Facebook Live video, Wagner threatened to “stomp all over (Gov. Wolf’s) face with golf spikes,” but never once denied the truth of the billboard, which exposed that his trash company, Penn Waste, has sued 6,979 Pennsylvanians.

Here’s what some local and national publications reported:

CBS News: “Wagner posted a video in response to a billboard in York, Pennsylvania, which claimed that Wagner’s trash hauling company had strong-armed 6,979 customers into paying their bills. The billboard was not placed by Wolf’s campaign, but by PA Spotlight…”

New York Times: “The negative ad that appears to have so enraged Mr. Wagner, and which he showed during his Facebook video, claimed that the waste management company he owns, Penn Waste, had sued 6,979 of its customers.”

Pennsylvania Spotlight advisor Joshua Henne in Penn Live: “Wagner is a model intimidator who sues those without the ability to fight back. His actions compound financial problems for working families. Moreover, Wagner’s heavy-handed practices are predatory, with pressure going beyond the norm of other garbage removal companies in the operating area. Penn Waste even goes so far as sending sheriffs to customers’ homes to harass them.”

The Hill: “Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner (R) took down a video saying that he would “stomp all over” Gov. Tom Wolf’s (D) face Friday, stating that he had chosen a “poor metaphor” in making the comments.”

York Daily Record: “The former state senator spent most of the Facebook Live defending himself against a campaign ad that said Wagner’s Penn Waste has sued more than 6,000 Pennsylvanians. The billboard ad was paid for by PA Spotlight, a nonprofit accountability organization that claims to be independent of any campaigns and has no relationship to the Wolf campaign.”

The Washington Post: “In the video, GOP candidate Scott Wagner talks directly to the camera while standing under a billboard in York, Pa., sponsored by a group that has sought to highlight environmental violations and other shortcomings of Wagner’s trash hauling company.”

Deadspin: “There is a reason why the WWE does not let people in vests with multiple country club memberships cut promos, and this is it. This bit, particularly, is it.”

Wagner’s bizarre reaction to our billboard also made Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Morning Joe, Golf Digest, CNN, Fox News, Erie News Now, Axios, Philadelphia Magazine, and The Daily Beast.

We’re glad to see media are paying attention to the fact that Wagner has long used his political career and his business, Penn Waste, to enrich himself at the expense of Penn Waste customers, local communities, and working families. Find out more about Wagner’s unethical business practices and share your story at