The Commonwealth Foundation is a front group. More accurately, it consists of a series of front groups. Their efforts to hide who they are and what they do have been exposed over and over. Since last year’s Janus V. AFSCME decision, they have been claiming to advocate for workers while simultaneously launching multiple lawsuits against labor unions throughout Pennsylvania. They’ve taken this route because their campaigns to convince workers to leave their unions have largely failed.

Recently, one of those groups connected to the Commonwealth Foundation bought a new office in Harrisburg once owned by a labor union. They paid $362,000 for the building, without any mortgage. This is not surprising given they are funded by billionaires. The building’s windows are now adorned with pictures of different workers in different workplace settings.

The former labor building, marked with a historical recognition of the rights public sector employees organized and won, will now be a front for lobbying against the minimum wage, supporting anti-labor candidates, and trying to break unions. Don’t take our word for it, we’ve found some of the workers that are now the face of the Commonwealth Foundation’s new office space. 

Meet “Cheerful man in cap and arm folded.”

Meet “Cheerful African factory worker with wrench.”

As you can see, the Commonwealth Foundation and their connected organizations are now both figuratively and literally a front group for their billionaire donors. 

The Commonwealth Foundation can wrap itself in blue collar imagery all it wants, but their efforts will continually fail. Pennsylvanians are on to them, as they recently found out at their old headquarters at the Pennsylvania Manufacturing Association when One Pennsylvania members, actual working class people, came to their door.