“Who’s funding Greg and who’s funding Commonwealth?” stated State Representative Daryl Metcalfe in disbelief to members of the Commonwealth Foundation and other right-wing front groups. He made the comments walking away from a hearing that took place just prior on Rep. Metcalfe’s own disbelief in climate science. 

In case you missed it, Rep. Metcalfe was at it again early Monday morning at a House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee hearing. The state representative, well known for his bigoted views and support of white supremacists, also happens to be the chair of the committee in the House ostensibly supposed to deal with climate change. As to be expected, he doesn’t believe in climate science. 

His comments after the hearing were regarding a line of questioning by Rep. Carolyn Comitta over who funds the Heartland Institute and the Commonwealth Foundation. The question was directed to Gordon Tomb and Gregory Wrightstone, both climate science denialists paid by their billionaire funders to put disinformation out about climate change. Both declined to answer directly who funded them, with Mr. Wrightstone oddly stating, “I get no funding from anybody.” 

That was a lie of course as Mr. Wrightstone has deep connections to the Heartland Institute, a billionaire-funded State Policy Network affiliate. In fact, PA Spotlight has previously exposed these connections after his last embarrassing performance in the Capital the last time he spoke at hearing per invite from Rep. Metcalfe. Gordon Tomb has written extensively pushing fracking and other climate-destroying policies in Pennsylvania. As a Senior Fellow of the organization, he’s well equipped to directly answer the question. 

Fortunately for Mr. Tomb’s reference and Rep. Metcalfe, PA Spotlight has the receipts. The State Policy Network is one of the largest climate science denial front groups in the country. While Mr. Tomb’s credits ‘individuals and local businesses,’ the trust is the Commonwealth Foundation is largely funded by billionaires

It seems like every time people testify from the Commonwealth Foundation on their failed agenda, they embarrass themselves and hurt their own cause. And that’s hard to do in a room filled with tin foil hats.