Pennsylvania House Speaker Rep. Mike Turzai, a close ally of the anti-union Commonwealth Foundation, attended a Harrisburg event with Education Secretary Betsy DeVos this morning. While there, he dismissed dedicated public educators as “special interest people” who don’t care about students.

Watch for yourself below:

DeVos, whose family funds the Commonwealth Foundation through their national dark money network, the State Policy Network, was in town promoting a proposed federal tax-credit program similar to the one included in a bill vetoed by Gov. Wolf earlier this year. That bill would have massively expanded Pennsylvania’s Education Investment Tax Credit (EITC), one of the most generous tax giveaways in the country dressed up as education reform. Programs like the EITC allow corporations and the rich to profit at the expense of children in public schools. One of the biggest backers of this tax scheme? You guessed it — the Commonwealth Foundation.

Earlier this year we exposed the Commonwealth Foundation’s true intention behind their support for EITC expansion: through an LLC called Commonwealth Kids, the Commonwealth Foundation has finagled almost $3 million in tax write-offs to undisclosed entities or individuals. Not only are the Commonwealth Foundation and their supporters like Turzai and DeVos advocating for policies that intentionally defund public schools, the Commonwealth Foundation also offers their donors a way to profit off the backs of Pennsylvania’s kids.