The Commonwealth Foundation is a front group. More accurately, it consists of a series of front groups, PACs, and an LLC that allows them to profit off of Pennsylvania public school children. To underscore how much of a front group they are, last summer, the billionaire-funded organization wrapped their newly acquired offices with stock images of workers they purchased online. No actual worker would stand with them due to their long history of harassing workers and fighting labor unions. 

To greet politicians on their return to Harrisburg for Pennsylvania’s budget season, the Commonwealth Foundation once again wrapped their windows with images highlighting the purported constituency they represent – this time with children and teachers. As many in Harrisburg are aware, the Commonwealth Foundation was a significant proponent of a privatization scheme concocted up by Betsy DeVos. That piece of legislation – HB 1800 – failed like much of The Commonwealth Foundation’s agenda last year. 

The Commonwealth Foundation often uses children with teachers as props in their advertisements. In reality, their Commonwealth Kids LLC is allowing corporations to write off taxes that are supposed to fund public schools all while the LLC gets to skim 20 percent off the top for “administrative fees.” 

The Commonwealth Foundation also couldn’t find any real examples of teachers or children they’ve helped. Meet “Happy mature teacher assisting school kids in using computers on a class.”

An additional $12 will show their support from “Young schoolboy and friends waiting to board the school bus.”

Once again, the Commonwealth Foundation proves to be both literally and figuratively a front group for their billionaire donors.