Last week, Americans for Prosperity, a Koch funded astroturfed organization with close ties to the Commonwealth Foundation, took the time to host a press conference and release their mid-session scorecard. The purpose was to hand out “recognition certificates” to the legislators who are most in favor of their right-wing billionaires’ agenda. Almost nobody attended the conference as you can see from the video below. In announcing the recognition certificates Ashley Klingersmith, the statewide director for Americans for Prosperity in Pennsylvania, stated the organization is “finding common ground with principled lawmakers of both parties.” 

However, this feigned sense of bi-partisanship is just that. Klingersmith announced that ten Republicans from each chamber had a perfect scorecard including House Speaker Mike Turzai who has been a notoriously partisan actor sabotaging raises for the lowest wage workers in Pennsylvania. Key votes that Americans For Prosperity counted included handouts for charter schools, tax cuts for the rich, and various forms of deregulation for business owners. Only in Harrisburg could a front group for Republicans give awards to Republicans in the name of bipartisanship. See a clip of the schadenfreude below. 

Welcome back Harrisburg. PA Spotlight is going to continue to shine a light on our bad actors like Americans For Prosperity and The Commonwealth Foundation.