House and Senate leaders from the Democratic caucuses held a press conference on Wednesday to discuss the ongoing efforts by Republicans in Pennsylvania to suppress democracy and their role in the insurrection that took place on January 6. They also raised questions about State Senator Doug Mastriano’s involvement. 

Drawing a straight line from Republicans spreading misinformation about voting in Pennsylvania to their refusal to initially seat State Senator Jim Brewster and recognize him at the start of the 2021 session to State Senator Doug Mastriano’s participation in the January 6 insurrection, the leaders said their colleagues’ actions are of grave concern.

Doug Mastriano at Pro Trump Rally before January 6 Insurrection
State Senator Doug Mastriano at the “Hear Us Roar” rally in Harrisburg on January 5.

House Minority Leader Joanna McClinton stated the question at hand directly, “What we, as a collective, don’t have access to is how deeply involved were our colleagues in the legislature with this insurrection?”

State Representative Leanne Krueger added, “Their lies contributed to violence in our nation’s capital.” There have been various reports touting how participants of the ReOpen rallies in Harrisburg that were supported by the Commonwealth Foundation and attended by white supremacists and armed militia were the impetus to the January 6 insurrection. 

The participants in the press conference raised questions unanswered by Mastriano thus far which include his level of participation in the deadly riots the day of. Questions were also raised about whether participants in Mastriano’s bus, paid for by his campaign, participated in the violence that day and to whether Mastriano was armed. 

State Senator Tim Kearney, who has called for Mastriano to resign, wants an investigation into these issues. State Senator Vincent Hughes added, “He should be expelled. He should be removed from office if, in fact, this information is correct.”

“As we see more uncovering of people’s active participations, I think that’s where we really need to have this level of investigation and know where the level of involvement is at,” stated State Senator Maria Collett.