WatchDog? More like Lap Dog.

Next time you see posts populating #PAPolitics or #PAGov from WatchDog.Org, remember they are actually just the biased media lapdogs paid to push out misleading analysis from the Commonwealth Foundation.

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The Commonwealth Foundation’s Agenda Fails in Harrisburg

If it’s budget season in Harrisburg, that means the Commonwealth Foundation are pushing anti-union bills. Unfortunately for the billionaire-funded front group, their efforts went down early this year, underscoring the continued failure by State Policy Network groups to convince Pennsylvanians that unions are bad. The Commonwealth Foundation have been pulling out all the stops for House Bill 785 and Senate Bill 371, further attacks on collective bargaining in Pennsylvania. These proposed bills come directly from the ALEC playbook. In fact, a recent article highlighted that bills like these are on top of ALEC’s agenda for 2019. The Commonwealth Foundation...

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Mark Janus heads to Harrisburg

It’s that time of year again: spring has sprung, the days are getting longer, and the who’s who of Pennsylvania’s right-wing politics are descending on Harrisburg for the 2019 Pennsylvania Leadership Conference. Last year, the annual gathering, whose sponsors include The Commonwealth Foundation, the Koch Institute, and other billionaire-funded front groups, brought the alt-right to Harrisburg through featuring Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk, best known for inciting violence on college campuses.This year’s featured guests and sponsors double down on this approach. One of the featured speakers, Jeffrey Lord, was an avowed Trump surrogate on CNN until he posted a...

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